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GS1 - Posterior Spinal Fusion System
The GS1 System includes Rods, Multi-Axial Screws, Cross-Connectors, and Hooks. The Multi-Axial Screws allow for 28 (56 total) of angulation in any direction and are available in multiple diameters and lengths with clearly marked sizes. The robust top load design eliminates failure points present in other products. A Torque-Limiting Driver ensures all set screws are tightened correctly for the strongest fixation.

Multi-Axial Screws
Diameters - 5.5mm, 6.5mm, and 7.5mm
Lengths - 25mm to 80mm

5.5mm Rods available in 19 inch lengths or Pre-bent Cut Lengths of 30mm thru 120mm

Cross Connectors
Available in 3 adjustable sizes

Multiple Sizes and Styles Available


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