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GS1 - Cannulated Screw - Posterior Spinal Fusion System
The GS1 Cannulated Screw System includes Multi-Axial Screws, Rods, and Cross-Connectors. The Multi-Axial Screws allow for 28° (56° total) of angulation in any direction and are available in multiple diameters and lengths with clearly marked sizes. Extended break off tabs eliminate the need to attach bulky towers and provide a built-in reduction feature. Screws are easily placed over a guide wire in either an open or percutaneous method. A Torque-Limiting Driver ensures all set screws are tightened correctly for the strongest fixation.

Multi-Axial Screws
Diameters - 5.5mm, 6.5mm, and 7.5mm
Lengths - 25mm to 100mm

5.5mm Rods available in 19 inch lengths or Pre-bent, Pointed, Cut Lengths of 30mm thru 120mm

Cross Connectors
Available in 3 adjustable sizes


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